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Who are you? Are you or is your company serious or playful? Who is your audience? What is your vision or mission statement? Do you have a tagline? Once we know, we'll keep this alive in all your media.

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Web design

We'll examine your mission, audience and competition. Then, through a collaborative design process, the end product will be a responsive/mobile-friendly, interactive digital experience users will visit again and again.


Print is NOT dead - well not completely anyway. Kera can produce snappy business cards or leave behind post cards that deliver your brand, product and/or services. High-end, well-priced printing available.

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Latest Projects

Dr. Ron Hollis

Kera started working with Dr. Hollis a couple of years ago creating printed pieces for his lectures.

  • Web Design

    After determining a style and look from printed pieces, Kera collaborated with Dr. Hollis' marketing director for the content of the website.

  • Printed Pieces

    Patient testimonial handouts and larger than normal appointment/post cards which also make excellent referral cards.

  • Video Editing & Production

    Video testimonial footage was shot by the client and Kera added music, logos and transitions to expand the brands digital reach to youtube.

Dr. Ron Hollis
The Paint Bucket Showroom

The Paint Bucket

  • Makeover

    The Paint Bucket's original website was not mobile-friendly or responsive. A brand new site was the only answer to keep this company's brand searchable on the web.

  • Photography

    A professional photographer was hired and took the fantastic shots you see on their site today. Good photography is a MUST and can make all the difference between a great and mediocre site.

  • Consultations

    Kera was able to meet the client in Vail a few times, but thanks to Google Hangouts, we were able to communicate face-to-face via computer and I was also able to share my computer screen while we spoke. A definite advantage for clients at a distance.

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