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by KERA LEWIS / on Sept 2, 2020


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming the real estate market. The technology provides a more seamless, hassle-free transaction that targets buyers who are a fit for your home for amenities, finance and/or geography.

The AI targets those who care about schools and pools, as well as those who may be more interested in kitchens than garages. For some ads, we target those concerned with commute time to work. The machine learns which ads get more clicks and resonate with each micro demographic.

There's no way a human could do this. It's just too complex.

Dr. Rory Lewis

We use AI and advanced digital marketing to identify and calculate the best means to bring in qualified buyers, across a broad range of targeted channels like Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dr. Lewis is not only the husband of Kera Lewis, but also a Professor of AI at the University of Colorado and enjoys creating AI to learn how to optimize for itself, without human intervention, the rate at which qualified buyers find out and reach out to us in regards to your home. His expertise in AI is sought out by neurologists, executives in the banking industry and more. This is not your run-of-the-mill PPC or Google Ads. Click for more on Dr. Lewis.

Kera Lewis combines full-service real estate services with the latest technology to list and market homes on the MLS, then targeting buyers directly by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Use our cutting-edge technology and let us help you sell your home faster and for more.