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by Kera Lewis/ on Dec 10, 2021

Competing in a Hot Market

The limited home inventory in Colorado Springs, particularly in the $350-500,000 range, means fierce competition among buyers. If you’re serious about finding a new home, here are some tips to help you compete to win.

Many potential home buyers use Zillow or similar home sites to search for homes. People like and are used to the site’s interface and find it a convenient way to navigate the real estate market. The common question is, ‘Why bother to call a real estate agent when I can find homes on my own?’

Here’s the answer: Realtor’s® have access to the MLS, which is far superior to Zillow, especially in a competitive market, AND we can provide access to you too.

Kera Lewis

What is the MLS? The Multiple Listing Service has more information, more accurate information, and most importantly the non-public information that is most relevant to an agent and their buyer. While Zillow may have 40+ fields of information about a property, the average MLS listing has over 200. NOTE: the MLS is the FIRST place a Realtor® will post a home for sale. Zillow later collects data from the MLS. A property may have multiple offers by the time it is posted to Zillow.

Another thing for buyers to note is that it is the seller who pays the commission to both the listing AND buying agent. As a buyer, you are not responsible for anyone’s commission, so essentially you get access to a Realtor’s® expertise, experience, and the MLS – in real-time, and pay nothing for these services.

As a Realtor®, I can provide MLS alerts delivered straight to your email with your personal search criteria on a daily, weekly or real-time basis, depending on how motivated you are. Your choice! As soon as a property hits the MLS, if you are on real-time alerts, you will have that information as soon as I or any agent would. Give me a call or send an email and I can set you up with MLS alerts right away.